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Nov. 1st. 2021: AnyMessage announces Advisory Board

AnyMessage GmbH is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Andreas Felke as Member of the Advisory Board with effect as of 01.11.2021. Mr. Felke has decades of experience in the provision of cloud communication services and will advise AnyMessage GmbH on

Oct. 14th. 2021: Microsoft Teams Integration release!

AnyMessage enables its customers to seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Teams. AnyMessage GmbH is pleased to provide its customers with integration into Microsoft Teams. Companies and their MS Teams members can now send SMS from Microsoft Teams without any development effort. The integration

Sep. 7th. 2021: Sign in with Google – Go Live:

AnyMessage GmbH provides Sign In with Google: AnyMessage GmbH is pleased to provide its customers with an integration for “sign in with Google”. Users of AnyMessage Cloud can create an AnyMessage account within seconds and sign in with their Google account.

Free Video Conferencing !

AnyMessage is offering free Videoconferencing services! Users can hold free videoconferences on the anymessage cloud! Currently free, unlimited and „made and hosted in Germany“. In order to serve the ongoing progress of homeoffice and (work from home) demand, as well as

May, 26th. Update of User and Permissions Concept

AnyMessage GmbH is pleased to provide its customers with an updated user and permissions concept. Users can now be given hierarchical orders, group associations and corresponding permissions can be created and granted individually and/or grouped. For further details regarding individual configuration options

Apr. 2021: Online Adressbooks – Go Live:

AnyMessage GmbH now provides its customers with online address books for sending A2P SMS, A2P Voice, Facebook, Telegram and other communication channels. These can now be created via the user interface just as before via the API. Management is done centrally via

Mar, 2nd. 2021: Web Push – Go Live!

AnyMessage GmbH is pleased to offer its customers a Web Push SDK This allows companies to integrate Web Pushes and corresponding subscriptions into their website without large programming or software development efforts. The integration into the customer’s website is quick and easy.