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Sept. 8th.2022 – Meet AnyMessage at WWC Madrid!

The AnyMessage GmbH team is happy to participate in another event in the messaging ecosystem . After the pandemic break, our team will be at the WWC Congress in Madrid on September 21 and 22. We will be here again to share



#Ukraine #War #Russia #PeaceForUkraine #SupportUkraine #StopTheWar The above hashtags have been used largely during the latest weeks due to the – in our view – insane war started by russia. Our team members and we are a company are deeply sadened by

June 8th.2022 – Meet AnyMessage at GCCM Berlin

The AnyMessage GmbH team is happy to participate in a phyisical event again. After the pandemic break, our team will be at the CarrierCommunity Mobile Messaging Summit in Berlin on June 22 and 23. We will be here again to share with

Is OmniChannel something we need to think about ?

We at AnyMessage are inevitably convinced that we offer a service that is elementary for you and the acquisition of new customers, as well as the retention of existing customers. But are we right in this ? Is it so important to

MWC 2022 - Casa Batlló

MWC 2022 – What a return!

After the pandemic break, we were finally able to return to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The AnyMessage GmbH team was there again to find out about the latest trends in cloud communication, omnichannel and messaging, and to meet with old

22.02.2022: Mobile World Congress returns!

MWC Barcelona Returns! This is the slogan of the 2022 Mobile World Congress! As MWC Barcelona returns, so do we! After a break due to the pandemic, we are back live and “in person” on site to expand our network coverage for

01.02.2022: SMPP Server upgrade!

AnyMessage GmbH is pleased to provide your customers with an upgrade of your SMPP server interface. The upgraded server variant offers additional security and provides you with a higher throughput (also above the SMPP spec). In addition, you have the possibility, if

Nov. 12th. 2021: Telegram API and Bot – Go Live:

AnyMessage GmbH releases Telegram Bot and API: AnyMessage GmbH is pleased to provide its customers with an integration for Telegram. Users can easily integrate either existing Telegram bots or newly created bots into the AnyMessage Cloud and send and receive Telegram messages

Nov. 1st. 2021: Facebook (META) Integration release!

AnyMessage GmbH provides Facebook integration. For companies that already use Facebook to communicate with their customers: AnyMessage GmbH is ready to provide its customers with the Facebook connector! On the AnyMessage Cloud, you can now bundle your social media channels and communicate

Nov. 1st. 2021: AnyMessage announces Advisory Board

AnyMessage GmbH is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Andreas Felke as Member of the Advisory Board with effect as of 01.11.2021. Mr. Felke has decades of experience in the provision of cloud communication services and will advise AnyMessage GmbH on