The above hashtags have been used largely during the latest weeks due to the – in our view – insane war started by russia.
Our team members and we are a company are deeply sadened by the present development and it is hard to see all these refugees in the news.
Luckily germany has decided to accept refugees from Ukraine with no or very little sanity check in order to overcome beaurocracy.

While we can only provide limited support to the people in the ukraine via such distance, we have deciced to support in any way and form we can.

What you see here is part of a load of sleeping bags, camping mats and some sanitary products which have been donated by our staff.
The items have been shipped last weekend to the ukrainian/polish border, where they have been passed on the ukrainian trucks to reach and support refugees!

Another thing we have decided to do, is to to give free access to our video conferencing solution, in order to facilitate communication during such hard times.
On https://talk.anymessage.cloud you can create instant and free videoconferences with multiple participants for those that have lost access to other communication means.
Due to WebRTC support, there is no client software needed to stay in touch with your relatives and loved ones.

The Team of AnyMessage is there to help with any other communication needs, but please be advised that we dont allow access to our platform from Russia and Belarus.

In case there is any other communication tools that you require to stay in touch and/or update your staff, feel free to contact us.
Where applicable and possible, we will even provide full platform access free of charge!


The AnyMessage Team!