Boris (CEO):

Boris has over 18 years of experience designing and delivering mission critical infrastructure. As one of our managing directors, he is responsible for the areas of infrastructure and network security at AnyMessage. Based on his experience, he designed the completely virtualized network infrastructure (routing, SIP, SS7, Sigtran, Dark Fiber) as well as the virtualization environment for 24/7 operation and platform architecture at AnyMessage and looks after them with his team.

Advisory board

Apart from our CEO,being part of our management team, we are proud to have been able to engage Mr. Andreas Felke for our advisory board, who is an industry renowned expert in A2P Messagging, Enterprise Communication and Customer Engagement solutions.

Our Team

Overall, you have a team of over 12 experts at our side at AnyMessage, which takes care of development, network and data security, 24/7 monitoring, routing, support and administration. We have specialists from the areas of product and service development, purchasing, routing, platform monitoring and operations, and sales to meet all of your requirements.

About us

As a global specialist, Anymessage offers its customers a comprehensive range of mobile services for business customers, mobile operators and aggregators worldwide.

The company offers cloud services in the form of multi-channel communication. In this way, companies can easily send information or messages to their customers and business partners via various communication services (SMS, app, voice, email, etc.) or via other services (FB Messenger).

These services are used and managed via an online platform or programming interfaces
(API), which then also allow integration with industry or enterprise software (CRM, ERP, etc.). The platform receives messages from different services and sends them through different communication Channels. It acts as a B2B and B2C information center – a true ANY-TO-ANY messaging solution.

Anymessage for you

With its carrier-grade SMSC, network coverage of more than 1000 carriers in more than 200 countries and extremely high system availability, we stand as a reliable partner for mobile and communication services for our customers around the globe.

During the year, the Anymessage team visits various international trade fairs and congresses. In direct contact with us you can get an overview of our service portfolio and discuss possible cooperations.