Our solutions for you

As a global Omnichannel messaging specialist, Anymessage offers its customers a comprehensive range of conversational commerce solutions for business customers, service providers, aggregators and mobile network operators (MNO and MVNO) worldwide.

Innovative and centralized communications solutions !

For your customers and your company

The AnyMessage Gateway (AMG) was designed to do just that:

  • ANY Message
  • ANY content
  • ONE API !
  • ONE APP !

Today, more than ever, companies are competing for the favor of their customers. The range of communication options is almost unlimited and your customers expect you to communicate with them in the way they want. Companies are thus faced with the challenge of integrating a wide variety of communication channels into their CRM and customer loyalty systems. Whether it’s:

  • SMS
  • Web Push
  • Social Media Channels
  • App Push
  • VideoChat
  • Chat
  • Text to Speech (TTS)
  • Audio with natural language
  • IM (instant messager, like “whatsapp, viber, telegram, facebook, etc.)
  • QR Code solutions

or other outbound channels you are familiar with, you have come to the right place.

Through our easy-to-integrate API or our Cloud App, the world of communication is open to you WITHOUT the need to integrate different APIs and new versions of them.

Certified technology

Anymessage infrastructure is hosted exclusively in data centers that are at least Tier 3 classified and have ISO certifications. This means superior network availability and excellent service for you.
The AnyMessage Gateway AMG-GW® is based on a proprietary software platform installed on our own infrastructure in state-of-the-art data centers in Germany. In addition, our systems are backed up by redundancy and real-time replication to ensure the highest possible system availability for our customers.

Tailored for network operators

Maximize revenue and simplify connectivity

SMS Firewall
Our SMS Firewall is a very powerful product that enables you to detect and protect your network from spam and abuse.

A2P Gateway
Take advantage of this growing business sector! Anymessage delivers its A2P portal as SAAS (Software as a Service), reducing CAPEX and OPEX for its customers.

Routing Classifications

The use cases for SMS are very diverse and extensive, ranging from non-time critical information like marketing campaigns, to time and process critical applications like mTAN, OTP or booking confirmations.
Due to these changing requirements, we have created different routing classifications tailored to your company’s needs. Combined with attractive pricing, you will always find the perfect choice for your SMS application at Anymessage.

Customized Aggregator Services

Use our extensive network coverage as an aggregator to impress your customers!

SMS Hubbing
With Anymessage’s A2P Hub, you can rely on one of the most robust platforms on the market. Coupled with one of the most extensive network coverage on the market, you can rest assured that your messaging needs are in the right hands!

HLR & MNP Query 
With our MNP (mobile number portability) and HLR service, Anymessage provides subscriber based information such as mobile network association, country of residence and porting information.